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The meaning behind Mother’s Day gifts

It’s that time of year when we honour one of the most important people in our life – our mother.

Mother’s Day 2022 falls on Sunday 8 May, so you’ve still got time to choose a gift with special meaning to show how much you care.

To help you find that perfect pressie, we take a look at the symbolism behind Mother’s Day gifts so that you can select one that your mum will cherish and love.

First, a little history lesson…

Mothers have – quite rightly – been celebrated throughout history. The origins of Mother’s Day as we know it can be traced back to England in the 16th century and actually referred to honouring your “mother church”, which would be the church where you were baptised.

Children who worked away from home would return to their roots on Mothering Sunday to visit their church and their family at the same time. They would bring gifts for their own mothers such as the traditional simnel cake, featuring dried fruit and marzipan, and wild flowers that they picked along the way.

Mother’s Day elsewhere

Mother’s Day in Australia is held on the same day as the United States, where it was established in 1868, just after the end of the Civil War. The concept behind it was for mothers to unite to honour peace. It later evolved into a way to commemorate the sacrifices mothers made for their country and children.

In Australia, the tradition of Mother’s Day started in 1924. A Mrs Janet Hayden, who was on the committee of the Home for Destitute Women and Children in Strathfield, New South Wales, started campaigning for donations to buy gifts for these abandoned women to show that they were loved and cared for, even by strangers.

So what makes the best Mother’s Day gifts?

A trip through history has shown us that the simplest Mother’s Day gift ideas are often the best.

Give flowers and you will be recognising a centuries-old tradition, as well as brightening your mother’s day. You can even choose flowers according to their unique meaning, so choose red roses to express your love, irises to acknowledge your mother’s wisdom or tulips to show unconditional love.

Or you can follow ancient English traditions by giving something sweet – how about a box of beautifully decorated cupcakes or a homemade cake to express your appreciation?

If you’d like to honour your mother’s own unique tastes, why not take a look at customised gift boxes? The beauty of gifting a personalised box is that you can choose a few gorgeous goodies that reflect your mum’s style and express your appreciation for her. It’s the most thoughtful way to say Happy Mother’s Day.

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We’ve seen that the gift you choose for your mum on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be big to be meaningful.

Something as simple as homemade cookies or a bunch of her favourite flowers will make her day.

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