let’s get personal!

if you’ve got someone special to buy for, your ultimate aim is to create that “aww!” factor. but hitting your goal without spending too much or making an empty gesture is always a bit tricky.

so keep it simple and get personal! choose a personalised gift box from the oh-hello! range and fill it with gorgeous Australian made goodies that you know your recipient will love.

whether you want to wish your loved one a happy birthday, congratulate them on a new baby, house or job or just let them know you’re thinking about them, you’ll find everything you need in one happy oh-hello! place.

it’s all about delivering happiness one gift at a time, whatever the occasion…or even when there’s no occasion at all!

our backstory

they say that mighty oaks from little acorns grow. and that’s a great image for oh-hello! which started off with a really simple idea during lockdown.

our founder Kim’s son created an ingenious way to stay connected to his friends when he couldn’t see them in person. he put together small boxes filled with simple stuff like handwritten notes and toys and left them on his friends’ doorsteps for them to discover.

it was one of those lightbulb moments when Kim realised that this simple and spontaneous gesture could be harnessed to create an amazing business idea – an Australian business that offered affordable, personalised gifts.

and so oh-hello! was born. a simple way to show you care with little bundles of Australian made goodies delivered directly to your loved one’s door!

our values

there are certain values we hold dear here at oh-hello!, giving us focus and inspiring us to spread happiness wherever our little boxes go!

delivering happiness, joy, comfort, a hug in one little box! for us, it’s all about delivering happiness one small gift at a time, making your experience with us heartfelt and thoughtful as well as affordable.

supporting the awesome local female-led businesses who supply the goodies for our boxes. yep, girl power is well and truly alive! we take care to partner with businesses that share our values, who celebrate everything that’s fab about female entrepreneurs and the creativity and joy they generate with their products.

giving back to the community. every two months, we donate a portion of the proceeds from every oh-hello! box to a different charitable cause in Australia. That’s because we know you care as much as we do, and if your purchase helps support a worthy cause, then everyone wins!

some of the charities we’ve donated to:

Support The Girls Logo
RUOK? logo
Australian Red Cross Logo

we're big believers
in sharing the love

delightful little boxes full of happiness that bring joy to their lucky recipients, to you the giver, to their creators and to the wider community. it’s all about spreading the love as far and wide as it’ll go!