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How to Celebrate All of the Inspiring Women in Your Life

There are never enough opportunities to celebrate those inspiring women in your life!

And there’s no better chance to recognise awesome women than International Women’s Day, which takes place on 8 March.

Let’s take a look at what this special day means and how you can use it as the perfect excuse to celebrate the inspiring women in your own life!

Tell me more about International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is held on March 8 every year to recognise the achievements, large and small, of women all over the world.

Its origins can be traced back to 1908 when female garment workers went on strike in New York to protest poor working conditions.

Officially recognised by the United Nations in 1977, it not only celebrates the achievements of women but also calls for continuing improvements to women’s rights and their greater participation in public life.

This year’s theme is “Changing climates: equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, recognising how women the world over are working towards gender equality and creating a sustainable future.

Events are being held all over Australia and online too, meaning everyone can join in. Learn all about it on the UN Women Australia website.

How can I celebrate inspiring women?

Events like International Women’s Day are the perfect excuse (as if you ever needed one!) to celebrate the inspiring women in your life.

This could be an opportunity to celebrate a public figure who has influenced your career choice or broken barriers for women everywhere.

Or it could be someone closer to home: your mum, sister, bestie, boss or colleague.

You might want to recognise something specific about them, like how they helped you through a crisis or started up their own business from scratch.

Equally, you can show them recognition just for being by your side and always offering a shoulder to cry on.

Find a way this International Women’s Day to mark their positive contribution to your life. You can keep it simple by sending a card or message spelling out exactly what makes them special.

Or take your pick of delightful presents made and inspired by women with our personalised gift boxes, available for delivery straight to their door.

You could even gather all of your female role models together and hold a special lunch or picnic in the park. Include a bottle or two of something bubbly and the mood will instantly be one of celebration!

Celebrating special women everywhere, every day

At oh-hello! we’re all about celebrating special women everywhere the whole year round. That’s why we choose products for our personalised gift boxes from female-led Australian businesses, which all have a few things in common: passion, individuality and a desire to see women succeed!

What’s really heartwarming is that the small female-inspired businesses we deal with reflect the values that these special days stand for. It’s all about giving a voice and purpose to all of the inspiring women out there and supporting their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

So you know that whenever you choose an oh-hello gift bundle, you’re adding your support to the worldwide community of women who should be celebrated not just once a year… but every day!