Girl talking on the phone to her mum for Mother's Day

How to celebrate Mother’s Day when she’s far away

Mother’s Day – celebrated on Sunday, 8 May – is that special day of the year when you want to be close to your mum.

But what if you are parted by distance and can’t see each other in person?

There’s no need to feel deflated – we’ve got a stack of ideas to help you celebrate Mother’s Day long distance, bridging that gap until you can meet up in person again.

Take advantage of tech

One thing we’ve learnt from the Covid pandemic is that technology can bring us together! By now, we’re all adept at using video calls to stay in touch, so schedule in a call with your mum on Mother’s Day.

You could have your own virtual tea party (or cocktails – whatever you’re into!) and use the time to catch up, just as you would in real life.

Send her a little surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise that shows up at their front door? That’s exactly what personalised gift boxes are for – delivering a package of joy full of customised treats!

Pick out a gorgeous box and some goodies that suit your mum’s style – think chocolates, a scented candle or a cute pair of earrings – those little things that say you care. Then send them off to surprise her and wish her the best Mother’s Day.

Sometimes it really is the small things that count!

Give her a voucher to spend when you’re next together

Perhaps you and your mum have a favourite restaurant that you save for special occasions. Or maybe there’s a show that you’d love to see together.

Gift her a voucher for that special place so you can look forward to good times to come. The excitement leading up to the event will make up for not being able to see each other on the day!

Create an online photo album

Gather together all your fave pics of your mum, from when you were tiny through to your latest fun times together and send her the link.

You can caption the photos, too, and add dates and placenames so she has a complete record of those wonderful memories.

It will be sure to bring a smile to her face on Mother’s Day!

Have a virtual family games night

Celebrate Mother’s Day from afar with a family games night. Even if your mum can’t be surrounded by her brood in person, she will love seeing you all on screen.

A quick search will bring up no end of online multiplayer games. Or you could organise a trivia quiz with prizes for the winners.

It doesn’t really matter which game you choose – just enjoying each other’s company will make your mum’s night.

Make the miles melt away…

Being separated from your mum by distance doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate together.

Choose one or more of our ways to feel closer to your mother this 8 May.

And for Mother’s Day gifts that really show you care, check out our collection of curated gift boxes.

Our cute little packages are designed to bring a smile to mum’s face and make the miles melt away on Mother’s Day.

Delivered throughout Australia, they’re the meaningful way to show you care – distance or no distance!