Two friends with their arms up in the air standing beside a river

How to celebrate your friendship anniversary

Here at oh-hello!, we believe that anniversaries aren’t just for couples. They’re also a way to mark that special friendship in your life. So why not celebrate the anniversary of when you met your BFF with some heartwarming and memorable ideas?

You don’t even have to remember the exact date – just pick a time of year that’s significant to you. Take a look at our ways to celebrate a friendship anniversary to express what that special person means to you.

Create a memories scrapbook

If you’re wondering how to celebrate your friendship anniversary, you could start with a memories scrapbook.

No special skill is required, just the desire to record in your own unique way what’s been great about your friendship.

Grab an empty scrapbook and fill it with memories, photos and drawings to record what you’ve experienced together. The chances are you will remember things that your friend doesn’t, which will make it even more fun!

Go on a “friend date”

Your BFF deserves all the effort you would put into a romantic date, so plan a special event to show them how much you care.

Choose a venue that you know your friend will love. It could be a restaurant they’ve been dying to sample, a beach if they’re the outdoorsy type or somewhere quiet in the countryside.

Food and drink are essential elements of any date. So throw together a picnic if you’re heading to a location that doesn’t serve food, and include some of their favourite goodies.

Take plenty of pics so you can look back at your memories on your future friend dates.

Organise a photoshoot

Photoshoots are a fantastic way to create lasting memories and have some fun at the same time.

If you have the budget, you can hire a professional or enlist the help of another friend who’s handy with the camera.

Make it lively by dressing up or choose a location that means something to you both – it could be the school where you met or your favourite place for a day out.

Give personalised gift boxes

You know your friend best. That’s why personalised gift boxes are a brilliant way to pick out little treats that reflect their taste and that you know they will love.

In fact, nothing could be nicer than opening up a cute little box with special gifts chosen by an equally special friend!

You’ll have the best time picking out items that are meaningful to your friend and get that lovely warm glow as you imagine their eyes lighting up when they receive their gift!

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