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How Random Acts of Kindness Can Make All the Difference

A smile from a stranger, a kind word, a thoughtful gesture... Any random act of kindness, no matter how big or small, can make all the difference.

We all perform these acts every day without thinking about them when we make our partner’s coffee in the morning or smile at other commuters on the way to work. But sometimes it pays to purposely perform a random act of kindness 'just because'.

Actually, there’s no 'just because' about it! You know why? Because science has proven that offering kindness has a measurable positive effect on the recipient and the giver too.

The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation has pulled together some impressive evidence, which tells us that:

  • When you see acts of kindness being carried out, you get a surge of the hormone oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure and helps you feel positive.
  • One study found that after helping someone, half the participants felt more energetic while others experienced better self-esteem.
  • The happiest people are the kindest people, according to a survey carried out by Harvard Business School.
  • Volunteering helps you live longer! It also protects your general health and means you will suffer from less aches and pains.
  • You can get a natural high from helping others and will experience the same rush of positivity as the recipient of your kindness.
  • Being kind triggers the production of serotonin, a chemical that stabilises your mood and stimulates feelings of wellbeing.

    Ideas for random acts of kindness

    So what are you waiting for? Here are some ideas for how you can benefit from carrying out your own random acts of kindness.

    Pay for someone’s coffee

    Next time you’re paying for your coffee at your fave café, leave enough cash to cover the bill for someone else.

    The surprise of such a thoughtful gesture will make their day!

    Volunteer your skills

    Volunteering keeps you young and makes you happy. And it will have a memorable effect on the people (or four-legged friends) you help.

    Check out your local community for volunteering opportunities such as helping older people with their shopping, caring at an animal sanctuary or using your first aid skills at events.

    Buy flowers for a stranger

    Everyone loves receiving flowers, so make someone’s day by buying a gorgeous bouquet next time you’re at the supermarket. Leave it at the cash desk for staff to give to the next deserving customer.

    Sneaking a peek as the blooms are handed over will give you a kindness high!

    Offer a homemade treat

    There’s nothing more comforting than tucking into a homemade treat like cookies, cake or even a full meal.

    If you have a friend or neighbour who’s going through a stressful time, why not just show up with some food cooked at home with love?

    Send a 'just because' gift

    What could be nicer than opening a box of treats selected just for you? Well, nothing really! If you have a bestie or family member you haven’t seen for a while or who’s feeling down, why not put together a little care package of carefully chosen treats to send in the post?

    Personalised gift boxes are the perfect way to say that you care and are thinking about the recipient. You can customise them to your loved one’s taste and take pleasure in choosing treats to brighten their day. It’s those little gestures that mean the most.

    Personalised gift boxes in Australia

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