Christmas tree illustration.

Tips for finding the perfect Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas gift — does it even exist? Yes, it does, once you’ve read our guide to finding that just-right present for the special person in your life!

Every year it gets harder to think up something unique and personal, which is why you need to look around for inspiration.

There’s no need to look too far, though, as we’ve put together this guide to finding the perfect Christmas gift for the all-important people in your life.

Be thoughtful

The most thoughtful gifts truly reflect someone’s everyday life, their commitments, loves and hobbies.

So set aside some time to consider what could really make a difference to the recipient’s day-to-day routine.

For example, if they have a long commute to work in the mornings, a subscription to a magazine that covers one of their interests is ideal.

They might be a stay-at-home mum who could be feeling isolated, burnt out or just craving some “me time”. A voucher for a spa day is perfect for this scenario. It acknowledges that you understand the pressures of their life and that they truly deserve to be pampered.

Make it personal

Something that’s personal and reflects the recipient’s unique taste and style is sure to be well received.

This could be a useful everyday item customised with their name — for example, something as simple as a mug that you know they’ll use every morning for their coffee.

Or you could put together personalised gift boxes for Christmas, filled with little treats like chocolates, candles and gorgeous-smelling soap that reflect their personal taste.

Just that little bit of extra effort you put in when you choose something personalised will make a huge difference to how your gift is received.

A gift that isn’t a gift…

Sounds counter-intuitive, but why not give a gift that isn’t a gift? Instead of offering things, gift someone your time or expertise.

So if you have a useful skill like hairdressing, massage therapy or life coaching, create a voucher of your time offering this special talent to your friend or loved one. It could be just the thing they need for a New Year boost.

And you don’t even have to have a special talent — a gift of your time to help a friend clear their garden, go running with them or fix a regular date for coffee will be just as gladly received.

Find that perfect present with personalised gift boxes

Feeling inspired? With any luck, our guide to finding the perfect Christmas gift will spark some new and wonderful ideas for your shopping list this season.

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