Colleagues celebrating Christmas at the office.

10 ways to reward your team at Christmas

Any great manager shows appreciation of their team throughout the year, so when Christmas comes around, you want to make that extra-special gesture.

As the festive season approaches, we provide some inspiration on how to reward your work team with Christmas ideas.

As well as ways of saying you appreciate your colleagues, some ideas double up as fun work Christmas activities to get you into the festive spirit!

1. An extra day’s holiday

Everyone needs more time at Christmas, so give your team an extra day’s holiday to nail their shopping, start prepping their festive menu or just relax at home.

2. Decorate the office

Get into the Christmas spirit by setting aside a couple of hours to decorate the office together. As well as creating a fun atmosphere, it’ll serve as a team-building exercise and help to reforge those bonds.

3. Christmas movie afternoon

Set up your boardroom as a cinema with some comfy bean bags, offer round the popcorn and festive drinks and enjoy a Christmas movie together. Christmas sweaters optional!

4. Personalised gift boxes

Give your team members a warm Christmassy glow by offering them customised gift boxes that reflect their personality. As well as rewarding their work over the past year, it will show that you’ve taken time and effort to choose gifts that they will really love.

5. Christmas dress up day

Capture the Christmas excitement by hosting a dress up day and encourage your team to don their best Santa or elf costume. You can even include a reward for the best (or worst!) dressed!

6. Hold an awards ceremony

Organise an awards ceremony to recognise your staff’s achievements over the last year. It doesn’t have to be super serious — you can include categories like most stylish, office clown or caffeine addict.

7. Throw an office Christmas party

Everyone loves an office party but not the organisation, so ensure you are the one masterminding this year’s celebrations. If you hold it at the office, include traditional Christmas games and refreshments. Or book a restaurant that you know your teammates will love.

8. Organise a Secret Santa

Just like the office party, while everyone loves to receive a surprise gift, no one wants to coordinate Secret Santa. So step up and organise the gift-giving to take the pressure off your staff.

9. Sing Christmas carols

Organise a carol singing session to get everyone in the festive mood. Try a mix of traditional and modern songs and offer some mulled wine or something cold and bubbly to loosen people’s inhibitions.

10. Write a heartfelt Christmas card

Sometimes, the most simple gestures are the most cherished. Write individual Christmas cards to your staff, recognising their hard work and dedication.

Offer your staff personalised gift boxes this Christmas

Christmas is that milestone in the year when you get the chance to say thank you to your staff and have some fun at the same time.

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