Two friends helping each other when hiking across a river

Sorry doesn’t have to be the hardest word!

Apologising to a cherished friend can be even harder than realising that you’ve hurt their feelings. Sincere and heartfelt apologies take a lot of courage, requiring you to admit your mistake and spell out exactly how much that person means to you. But it’s so hard to know where to start!

We show you how to say sorry and mean it with our ingenious ideas for making up. Following one of our creative ways to say sorry will clearly express your sincerity and wish to make things good again. It’s true – sorry doesn’t have to be the hardest word.

Say sorry with poetry

If you’re wondering how to say sorry to your friend, saying it with poetry can be a good move.

It also gives you lots of options. You can pen some heartfelt verses yourself, borrow from the classics or send them a humorous poem that will raise a smile.

Handwriting your “sorry poem” will earn you extra points. A hand-penned note shows that you’ve taken time and care to make your friend feel better and that you truly cherish them.

Say sorry with a trip to their favourite place

To show you’re tuned in to your friend and really want to make it up to them, surprise them with a trip to their favourite place. This could be a park, restaurant or any other venue – somewhere you know they love and that will lift their spirits.

This idea shows your sincerity because you’ve purposely selected a place that’s meaningful to them. It also gives you the chance to say sorry in person and show that you really mean it.

When you are at their special place, you can also present them with a gift or handwritten message echoing your apology. They'll be impressed by your thoughtfulness!

Say sorry with personalised gift boxes

A gift to say sorry shows you care, even more so if you pick out personalised gift boxes. By offering gifts that you know the recipient will love, you can show your sincerity and thoughtfulness. Once they’ve opened their special gift box and seen your thoughtful choices, your relationship will get back on track in no time! Browse our customised gift boxes that allow you to handpick the treats you know the recipient will love. Or, go for curated gift boxes if you’re stuck for ideas, all in attractive designs and including a handwritten note.

Kiss and make up with our ideas

Now you’ve read our guide to offering your sincere apologies, you’ll know that sorry really doesn’t have to be the hardest word! Take your pick of our ideas for offering that olive branch to your friend and enjoy the warm glow that kissing and making up brings. Whether you choose a verse, a day out or a special gift, your friend will be touched with the effort you’ve made and you’ll be best buddies again in no time at all.