Random acts of holiday kindness illustration

Random acts of holiday kindness

The holidays are just as much about giving as receiving.

What’s nicer than that warm glow you get from simply doing something kind and unexpected for the recipient? And random acts of kindness are so important during Christmas. It can be a stressful time for some with so much to fit into an already busy life. It can also be lonely, especially when people are separated from their loved ones or don't have anyone special to share this time with.

In this post, we’re going to give you our top 10 ideas for random acts of holiday kindness. Try one, or why not try them all as part of your very own Christmas countdown?

1. Deliver homemade treats to your neighbours

Spread some cheer in your neighbourhood by delivering packages of homemade seasonal goodies like gingerbread or cupcakes. It doubles up as a great way to introduce yourself to new neighbours, too!

2. Donate to a charity

The holidays are the perfect time to donate to a favourite charity. Make your donation especially fitting by choosing a food bank or charity for the homeless.

3. Or donate your time and volunteer

If you are short on cash but could spare time instead, why not volunteer? Sharing your skills will be appreciated, and you’ll enjoy that feeling of helping others.

4. Leave a big tip in your favourite café

Most of us have got a regular place we go for coffee all year round. Set aside a bigger-than-usual amount and leave it in the tip box next time you’re there. It will definitely be appreciated by the hardworking staff.

5. Offer someone your shopping trolley

Shopping during the festive season can get hectic. Make it easy by offering someone your shopping trolley once you’ve finished with it. It’ll save them from fighting their way through the crowds and will give you that holiday glow!

6. Send an anonymous personalised gift box

Do you know someone who deserves a special treat? Make their day by sending them an anonymous personalised gift box filled with goodies that they’ll love. Just knowing that someone cares will be enough to lift their spirits!

7. Hand out cards to strangers

Write out some festive cards with best wishes for the holiday season and give them to anyone who looks like they need a boost next time you’re out. This may take a bit of courage, but you’ll be rewarded as your card lights up a stranger’s face!

8. Leave candy canes on windscreens

Buy a supply of festive candy canes and have fun tucking them behind the windscreen wipers of parked cars. Sometimes the smallest gestures are the best!

9. Offer to babysit

If you’ve got a friend or family member with little kids, offer to babysit them so they can do their Christmas shopping or just take some time out in the hectic holiday season.

10. Pay for someone’s coffee

Next time you go out for coffee, pay for an extra one when you settle the bill so the person behind you in the queue benefits from your generosity – it’ll make their day!

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