Christmas gift box which includes a candle, tea bags and chocolate

Find the perfect Secret Santa gift

When you get your Secret Santa match, do you wonder what on earth you should buy the recipient?

We get it. Sometimes it’s really hard to know what to buy for someone you don’t know a lot about or don’t spend time with outside work.

That’s why we’ve come up with these winning ways to take the stress out of the festive season and find the perfect Secret Santa gift!

The humorous Secret Santa gift

Every workplace has got an office joker, so if that’s who you’ve been matched with, then try a humorous gift to raise a smile.

Your possibilities are endless here. You could choose a mug with a humorous slogan, a fun selfie prop or a practical joke that your wisecracking recipient can use to brighten up a dull afternoon in the office!

The gourmet Secret Santa gift

If your recipient loves quality food and drink, then Secret Santa gifting is easy. Appeal to their inner gourmet with some foodie ideas.

Try some miniature bottles of handcrafted gin, a small box of luxury chocolates or a selection of flavoured tea bags. Or if they’re a coffee addict, you could buy them a smart new mug or travel cup to keep their addiction alive!

The thoughtful Secret Santa gift

For a thoughtful idea, customised gift boxes are a win-win. You get to pick out some gorgeous little pressies for your Secret Santa match based on what you know about them. Think edible treats, candles, soaps and all those things that everyone loves.

Package them in an attractive box and presto! You’ve just nailed the perfectly thoughtful Secret Santa gift with minimum stress.

The useful Secret Santa gift

For the organised co-worker, choose a useful office-themed gift that will be both welcome and practical.

Choose from gorgeous notebooks, planners and other stationery, items such as a vase or pencil tidy to brighten up their desk or an attractive calendar so they can start planning out the year ahead already!

The nature-loving Secret Santa gift

If you’re buying for someone who loves nature, your task is super easy.

They will love to receive a small houseplant they can keep on their desk, some seeds to sow in their garden or a book about the natural world to browse at their leisure.

Shop personalised gift boxes to make Secret Santa a breeze!

Secret Santa gifting just got easier. Draw inspiration from our ideas and choose the perfect gift for your co-worker, even if you know very little about them.

For a fail-safe Secret Santa gift, think personalised gift boxes from our range. You can tailor their content to the personality of your recipient or if you don’t have a lot of info to go on, choose from our curated gift boxes to fill in the gaps.

Find out more about our gorgeous boxes of joy by getting in touch with our friendly team. They’ll guide you through every step of the way to selecting the Secret Santa gift that totally nails it!