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oh-hello ladies!: Chantel Camilleri of BON LUX

I'm so excited about this blog series! Each week I'll be chatting to inspiring women who run and operate small businesses, and whose products feature in our oh-hello ladies! gift bundles. 

The oh-hello ladies! gift bundle was born out of the love for women in my life. I wanted to bring together those that inspire me to create something truely special, so that people could gift their friends, family and colleagues a gift bundle that has more meaning. 

If you’re like me, you LOVE hearing about how women started out in business and what inspires them. This week I'm chatting to Chantel of BON LUX. BON LUX is a creative studio, making artisinal perfumes, and a range of scented and illustrated goods. BON LUX make multi-use products which celebrate nature's precious, sustainable ingredients.  

What inspired you to start your business, and what was the first thing you did to begin the process?

I was uninspired by the factory-made fashion/homewares industries I’d been in for most of my life! I was inspired by DIY attitude. Basically, no one was making the things I wanted to see, smell or feel, so I just learnt how to and made them! I just wanted to make special things people might stop, smell, feel, consider, and want to take home... The first thing I did was think of the name BON LUX! I love it still after 6 years! 

What inspires you? 

The usual list of muses: music, art, travel (when we can do it again!) memories, and most of all NATURE!! To drill down further, I soak up anything about ancient plant medicine/healing/perfumery, I love spending time with weeds and gardens, and learning about plants and their meanings/powers/stories... I love to be somewhere and smell how things are different and unique in a place; I love art galleries, I love to think about ways people see things, I listen to music constantly, and am inspired by a friend’s band THIBAULT, who’s music is so multi-layered and cinematic. I’m inspired by the amazing women (mostly) whom I work with in their retails stores and small businesses.

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Its a mish-mash of business advice my dad and partner have given me, and I 100% trust both of these champs. Just give it a go till you strike something which works. Be you-be honest, direct and fair, and treat people as you would like to be treated, and don't let competition scare you; your business/ideas are valid. Also you will make mistakes, own them and carry on doing your best. 

What are your favourite things to do to take a break?

Walking in my suburb looking at everyone’s gardens, there's always something blooming and special at any time of the year. Talking to dogs and gardeners, sometimes getting a rose cutting or two in the process! I love to visit a museum or gallery and follow that with the bookshop, then... an aperitif in the afternoon... yes! My kind of little break! 


When I came across BON LUX, I knew right away that they were a perfect fit for our oh-hello! gift bundles.

Check out the rest of Chantel's amazing products on the BON LUX website

Photo credits: Portrait by Sophie Timothy, Garden roses by Chantel Camilleri, Product photo by Madison Saara.