Gift box which includes body scrub, candle and tea bags

The importance of corporate gifting

Corporate gifting in Australia is the way to show you value your clients, and it's becoming increasingly creative and personal.

If you’ve been wondering why corporate gifting is important and want to know more about how it could boost your business, then read on.

What is corporate gifting?

If the concept of corporate gifting is new to you, then let’s define what it is. As you’ve guessed, it involves giving a gift to a client who both represents your company and cements the relationship between you.

Corporate gifts are different from the standard promotional items like pens, keyrings and water bottles that you would hand out to the public. They’re more personal, more thoughtful and more targeted.

Corporate gifting can serve several purposes. It can:

  • Help establish a new relationship with a client
  • Show appreciation of an existing relationship
  • Express thanks for a particular project
  • Remind your client of your services

What makes a good corporate gift?

The key to successful corporate gifting is to keep it personal. Make sure it resonates with your client in some way, whether that’s by reflecting their branding or industry or by paying tribute to their personal interests.

Corporate gifts are a step up from your run-of-the-mill promotional items. This doesn’t mean that your offering needs to be big, brash and bold. In fact, a modest gift that’s been thoughtfully chosen will be more likely to have an impact!

Finally, a gift that’s beautifully packaged with paper, bows or in an attractive box will show that you value attention to detail — something every client will appreciate.

Hit me with some corporate gifting ideas!

For a truly tailor-made approach to corporate gifting, why not consider personalised gift boxes? They give you the freedom to hand-pick special items that represent your industry or your relationship with your client. Not only will your client be impressed by your thoughtfulness, but you’ll also get a buzz out of selecting their gifts.

Everyone loves sweet treats, so how about a box of macarons in your client’s brand colours? Your local artisan bakery will also have the skills to personalise them with anything you like, from recipients’ names to logos for that extra special touch.

On the subject of food and drink, a bottle or crate (depending on your budget) of local good-quality wine or soft beverage will go down a treat. You can even have bottles engraved with your client’s name to make your gift truly personal.

Something practical always goes down well. What’s the one thing we can’t live without? Our phones! Consider giving a pocket-sized phone charger embossed with your company name and contact details. It’s something your client will use every day and will be a constant reminder of your special relationship.

Need a hand with personalised gift boxes Australia?

Then reach out to the friendly and professional oh-hello! team. We can guide you through the process of picking out a personal and meaningful gift box for your client, and to make it super easy, we offer curated customised gift boxes too.