Three canisters of tea

oh-hello ladies!: Aimee Martin of Leif Tea Co.

Our oh-hello ladies! blog series continues this week with the very talented Aimee Martin of Leif Tea Co.

Each week I have been chatting to inspiring women who run and operate small business and whose products feature in our oh-hello ladies! gfit bundles. 

Leif Tea Co offers unique organic teas and herbal blends, sourcing only the purest organic ingredients to hand craft their delicious teas to nourish, cleanse and heal from the inside out. All blends are made in small batches to ensure they are fresh when they reach you, and they only use natural ingredients to ensure there's nothing nasty, no chemical flavours, no fillers or additives, just the goodness of nature in every cup.



What inspired you to start your business, and what was the first thing you did to begin the process?
I actually took over the business from a beautiful friend who started it and was moving on to other things. What I absolutely loved about Leif Tea Co was that it is all about making time, making space to create 'moments' of rest: to care for our souls, our bodies and our planet. I honestly can't remember the first thing I did :)
What inspires you? 
I am so inspired by how much love and support there is for this little business. We have so many gorgeous stockists and customers, and I think they are what inspires me the most to keep going.
What is the best business advice you have ever received?
I think I heard this in some short coaching session but it was along the lines of 'your business won't just be defined by the things you say yes to, but also the things you say no to'. When I first took over the business I was presented with a few opportunities to gain exposure but cost me too much in energy, time, finance. I learned pretty quickly that it was better to let those pass me by so that I wasn't running myself into the ground just to try and gain a little exposure.
What are your favourite things to do to take a break?
Making time for a cup of tea and a good book is definitely up there. And when my little family is all together we try to get to the beach to unwind together.


We stock a range of Aimee's delicious teas, which can be added to any oh-hello! gift bundle.

Check out the rest of Aimee's products on the Leif Tea Co website or on Instagram