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How to support a friend going through a tough time

When your friend is going through a tough time, it hurts. Not only for them, but for you too. You wish you could just wave a magic wand and make everything better.

It can be even harder if you can’t see them in person because your first instinct is to envelop them in a big, heartfelt hug. When that’s not possible, you need some alternative ideas for how to support a friend from far away.

That’s where our suggestions on how to support a friend emotionally come in. Pick one – or more – that your friend will appreciate and enjoy the warm glow as you send hugs across the distance!

Just pick up the phone

Sounds obvious, but one of the easiest ways to support your friend is with a good old-fashioned phone call.

Of course, it’s super easy to just message your friend, but there’s something about hearing a loved one’s voice in real time that makes things seem better.

Maybe it’s the familiarity of their tones, the opportunity to commiserate, laugh and cry together or just the surprise of getting that spontaneous call that really shows you care.

Send them a daily photo

Let your friend know that they are in your thoughts by sending a daily photo.

It could be of something they really love, like an object in their favourite colour, an animal or even a screenshot of a motivational quote.

It doesn’t matter so much what it is, but rather that when your daily photo arrives, it will bring a smile to their face, reminding your friend that you are thinking about them.

Share a comforting recipe with them

Sometimes, cooking and enjoying a well-loved dish, perhaps one that evokes happy childhood memories, is all you need to boost your mood.

So why not search out one of your favourite recipes and ping it over to your friend? It could be your grandma’s recipe for chicken soup or that gorgeous lemon drizzle cake that never fails to please.

Just the simple act of creating a classic, nourishing recipe will be enough to give your friend the lift they need.

Choose a customised gift

Customised gift boxes are a cool way to say you care. For a start, you get the pleasure of selecting the treats you know your bestie will love.

And the surprise of receiving a special gift through the post will delight your friend as much as what’s inside, especially when the items have been chosen with love and care.

It’s also the perfect way to bridge that gap when you can’t see each other in the flesh. In fact, personalised gift boxes are the next best thing to that big bear hug you’re dying to give!

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