Gifts that keep on giving

Gifts that keep on giving

When choosing a gift for your loved one, how do you decide? Do you go for something personal, something unexpected or something that keeps on giving long after the special occasion?

Here at oh-hello! we passionately believe in gifts that don’t just give once but keep on adding value!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of gifts that keep on giving ideas to offer you inspo when you’re searching for that perfect present.

Seeds, plants and trees

The lasting legacy of seeds, plants and trees means that your gift will continue to give back as it thrives.

For example, to mark the birth of a baby, you can gift a small tree that will grow with the child. Or, celebrate a golden wedding anniversary with some seeds for yellow and golden-hued flowers that will bloom year after year.

You could also gift seeds for grow-your-own fruit and veggies so that your recipient has the pleasure of watching them grow and harvesting and eating them!

A family cookbook

There’s no food like homecooked food, especially if the recipes have been handed down through the years.

Why not compile a book of recipes from your family and give it as a gift to someone learning how to cook? This is an excellent present for a young person leaving home for the first time.

Choose an attractive hard-backed journal and handwrite the recipes to make it all the more personal. The recipient can add their own as their skills and repertoire increase, making this a precious gift to be handed down to future generations.

Charitable donations

Giving to charity in honour of someone you care about it is an awesome thing to do. Find out which causes are close to their heart and make a donation — no matter how big or small — to honour their beliefs.

Equally, you can do this by choosing gifts that also donate to charity. At oh-hello! we firmly believe in supporting the amazing community around us, so every two months, we donate a proportion of the proceeds from our sales to a different Australian charity.

It’s part of our ethos of not only giving… but giving back too!

A pledge of your time

What could be more precious than the gift of time? If you’re stuck for an idea for someone who has everything, gift them a voucher for a certain amount of your time per week, month or year where you can offer your services to them.

This could be something like babysitting your BFF’s kids once a month so they can go on a date night with their partner or helping your elderly relative around the house once a week.

Your gift will be something they’ll look forward to time after time — and it’s practical too!

Keep giving with customised gift boxes

Let there be no limit to your giving by choosing a gift that goes the extra mile, whether that’s a beautiful tree to be planted in honour of a new life or a gift of your precious time to show that you care.

And for something that’s personal, thoughtful and gives back to the community, choose our personalised gift boxes from our customised and curated ranges.

Simply choose a gorgeous box design, select your gift items and write a personal message. We’ll do the rest by delivering your gift to your recipient’s door throughout Australia… and taking care of that charitable donation too!