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Balance Personalised Gift Box
Animal Print Gift Box
Cute Tigers Gift Box
Summer Fun Gift Box
Happy Dots Gift Box

This beautiful gift bundle is perfect for a friend or loved one that is feeling a little out of alignment. Designed to help recharge and rebalance, this gift bundle will help you feel grounded, centred and back in the flow. 

Our hand-selected products come in a beautifully illustrated gift box of your choice and include a gift card.

All products have been created by talented women in Australia, who run and operate small businesses.

Included in this gift bundle;

1 x Gift Box

1 x Gift Card

1 x Summer Salt Body Focus Essential Oil Roller

1 x BON LUX Pollen Travel Candle

2 x Tielka Jade Mist Tea Bags


Summer Salt Body Focus Essential Oil Roller

Fluorite infused oil with a Fluorite rollerball to promote focus, productivity and creativity. This essential oil blend of Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lime, Neroli & Rose is perfect to keep you centred and on track.

Apply to the wrists, temples and behind the ears to encourage love to flow. 

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lime, Neroli, Rose Absolute Essential Oils, 2

BON LUX Pollen Travel Candle

A perfume capturing a fresh breeze through the trees, after rain, of flowering acacia and eucalyptus, native flora of the Australian bushland. 

A rain-shower fresh scent; eucalyptus is known for its astringent qualities, and when blended with the flowers of Australian wattle tree, creates a clean, crisp scent perfect for any room.

Tins can be re-lidded and kept safe from dust when not burning. Great for travellers, cheers up a stale room, take your signature scent wherever you go!

Travel tin candle: 100% cotton lead-free single wick, 100% sustainable soy wax, 22mm high, 65mm diameter, unique hand-crafted perfume, 6-8hr burn.

Tielka Jade Mist Tea Bags

Fresh and calming, this single-origin green tea is buttery, vegetal and delicately sweet with a luxurious mouth-feel.

Ingredients: Pure Wulu green tea.

Jade Mist is lovingly packaged in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.

This Wulu-style green tea is grown and harvested in the high elevations of the Hubei Province's stunning mountains during April-June.

Balance Personalised Gift Box
Animal Print Gift Box
Cute Tigers Gift Box
Summer Fun Gift Box
Happy Dots Gift Box