If you’ve been friends for so long that you’ve exhausted every gift option, take a look at our original pressies for your bestie.

No more tired boxes of chocs or bottles of wine… our unique gifts are full of character and budget-friendly, too.

Maybe the best thing about them is that they’ll reflect your BFF’s style to a tee. You’ll be sure to find one for every type of friend. (And by the way, you don’t even need an excuse to send one… "just because" is as good a reason as any!)

1. For the friend who puts a smile on your face

Everyone needs a little ray of sunshine, and luckily for most of us, there’s that perfect friend who fits the bill. Spreading happiness as they go, they truly deserve to receive that joy back, which is where the Happy Vibes gift box comes in.

The vibrant pink and yellow colour scheme alone sums up what you love about them. Take a peek inside and you’ll find a Happy candle and citrusy Huxter hand cream to make them feel special, as well as a superfoods bite bar and a twin pack of BB cookies for a little taste of happy.

There’s also a quirky little packet of watermelon seeds so your gorgeous BFF can spread even more joy!

2. For your friend who needs a break

The Wellbeing box has been created for that special friend who needs a pick-me-up, whether that’s because they’re going through a stressful time or are just super busy. Or maybe simply because they’re wonderful, selfless and caring, and now it’s their turn.

Let them brew up a fragrant cup of French Earl Grey tea while they run that well-deserved bath and throw in the gorgeously scented bath bomb. There’s also a little tin of vanilla lip balm to keep those sweet lips soft and silky smooth.

This sensual combo will help your friend unwind and feel like they’ve had that break they have most definitely earned.

3. For the deserving friend

If your friend is that admirable type who is always doing good deeds, give them a dose of their own medicine… in the nicest possible way!

A Little Something is full of small but gorgeous treats that add up to a heartfelt thank you for just being that friend. Open up this box of delights and find a selection of self-care gifts (a candle, bath salts, soap bars and hand cream), a notepad for those random and not-so-random thoughts and tea bags and a cookie to make everything just right.

Just like your thoughtful and generous friend, this gift box ticks all the caring boxes and is designed with love in mind.

4. For the hedonist friend

If your friend goes missing in action, where are you most likely to find her? If it’s at the spa enjoying some well-deserved “she time,” then our Bliss box is the perfect choice.

Let her indulge all her senses with this carefully curated set of treats. Your BFF can soak all her cares away with sweet-smelling bath salts, light a luxurious candle and slip on an eye mask to recreate that luxe feeling right at home.

She can get even comfier with the pretty heart socks and enjoy a blueberry chia granola cookie and super bite bar too to complete this awesomely indulgent experience.

5. For the friend who deserves love

Love – and this adorable box – Is All You Need! This one’s designed for any friend in need of a little love and TLC, and its contents reflect all those sentiments and more.

There’s a gorgeous Miss Frankie nail polish in a sugary pink shade. (And it’s vegan and cruelty-free too, so there’s even more to love!) The Rosa travel candle will set their senses aflame, while the delicious Byron Bay chocolate squares are the icing on this love-filled cake!

Receiving this loved-up box will surely
make your deserving friend’s day!

The best “I love you from afar” gift.

I love the way you can customise a box for that special person, and it’s still very affordable. Quality items and presented so beautifully. My mum still wears her scrunchie! And yes you have to add the confetti 🎉 —Erica

7th box I've sent!

A friend sent me an oh-hello! box while we were in lockdown and I loved how thoughtful it was. I immediately decided I would pay it forward and send one on to another friend and oh-hello! has been my go-to gift option ever since. Oh-hello! will convince you that giving is definitely better than receiving! —Christine

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