Self-care products including essential oils, candles and matches

Behind-the-scenes: Meet the Makers

Here at oh-hello! we seek out Australian brands that are unique and have their own story to tell. Almost all of our gifts are sourced from small makers and over 90% of the products are sourced from women-owned businesses. We are pretty proud of that.

But who are they? Get to know some of our amazing makers that make your gift bundles so special. 


BON LUX is a creative studio, making perfumes, and a range of scented and illustrated goods. BON LUX makes multi-use products which celebrate nature's precious, sustainable ingredients. Small-batch and slow, BON LUX products are for rest and care; for gifting, for love; for a happy life!

BON LUX began in 2014, by Chantel Camilleri, who's love of flowers, plants and nature inspire everything. BON LUX perfumes are intuitive; made using the ancient craft of natural perfumery to create unique, layered scents evoking memories, enhancing moods.

BON LUX products combine perfume blending, painting and textile design in a range of unique, hand-made products to gift or keep. Its ALL FOR JOY!

Hand-made in a solar-powered studio, in Melbourne, BON LUX is proudly stocked in boutiques across Australia and the world.

Unique organic teas and herbal blends 









Leif Tea Co.

Leif Tea Co offers unique organic teas and herbal blends, they are passionate about bringing you beautiful tea. They know that you care about what you put in your body, so they source only the purest organic ingredients and hand craft delicious teas and herbal blends to nourish, cleanse and heal from the inside out.

Leif Tea Co. make their blends in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as they can be. They use only natural ingredients to ensure there's nothing nasty, no chemical flavours, no fillers or additives, just the goodness of nature in every cup.

Tea is not just a beverage, it’s a moment - a moment to savor a blissful day. A moment of rest amidst the chaos. A moment with friends. Or a moment just for you.

Eclectic, fun, bold, bright accessories, makes us feel empowered to follow our heart and experiment with our personal style, allowing girlfriends and sisters to do the same.











Emeldo was established in mid 2011 as a very small, fun hobby. It has since expanded to a successful business but is still primarily a one-gal show.

The Emeldo studio is based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Emeldo as a brand is described as eclectic, fun, bold, bright and wonderful. It can make an outfit and add that burst of colour or fit right in to your everyday outfits.

Emeldo values our authentic selves, seeks out what makes us feel empowered to follow our heart and experiment with our personal style, allowing girlfriends and sisters to do the same. They endeavour to strike a harmonious balance between the intensity of our busy lives with the beauty of slowing down. Such small kindnesses are where they feel creative and wonderful things happen.

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